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Cheers! My name is Joshua Friesen, a 21 year old third year student at the University of Victoria, Canada, currently on a one year exchange program at Seikei University, Japan. This is the second exchange program which has brought me to Japan, the first being three and a half years ago, for five months. My studies at university focus on the Japanese language, but I am also interested in literature, culture, and other foreign languages such as Korean, Chinese, and French.

Aside from school, my hobbies include reading manga (my favourite artist is Inoue Takehiko), listening to music, and playing the drums. I am a member of the Seikei University Orchestra, and have been playing percussion in Canada for over eight years.

As a foreign exchange student in Japan, I observe things from a different viewpoint than other people, and find it extremely interesting to compare my culture with the culture of Japan. Through this site I want to express and convey what has stuck out in my mind, which may not be noticeable by people who have lived here their entire lives.


Much of my work experience so far has involved the use of English and Japanese, having taught English to exchange students during high school, working as an English conversation partner at the Pacific Gateway International College (PGIC) in Victoria, Canada, and working as an English TA at Seikei Elementary School in Tokyo.

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